At Holy Innocents School, we hold dear the timeless values of a classical liberal arts education infused with the rich traditions of our Catholic faith. Our mission is to provide a nurturing and faith-filled environment where students can flourish academically, morally, and spiritually. However, we recognize that achieving this mission requires the collective support of individuals like you who share our vision.

Why Contribute to Holy Innocents School?

Classical Education: Your contribution directly upholds our commitment to a classical liberal arts education, fostering critical thinking, moral discernment, and a love for learning.

Faith-Based Learning: We integrate Catholic values and teachings into every aspect of our curriculum, ensuring that students develop a strong moral compass and a deep understanding of their faith.

Molding Future Leaders: By investing in Holy Innocents School, you are investing in the development of future leaders grounded in wisdom, virtue, and service to others.

Community of Faith: Holy Innocents School is not just an educational institution; it is a community of faith. Your support strengthens the bonds of faith within our school and the families we serve.

Donate Your Vehicle to Holy Innocents School

We are excited to announce a new way for you to support our mission and make a lasting impact on the education and values we provide to our students. We now accept vehicle donations through our partnership with Cars, an organization dedicated to making vehicle donation simple and rewarding.

Why Donate Your Vehicle?

Your old car, truck, motorcycle, or even recreational vehicle can be a powerful tool for good. By donating your vehicle to Holy Innocents School, you can:

How to Donate Your Vehicle

Donating your vehicle is easy and hassle-free:

Click on the "Cars" logo, and you will be Fill out the Form: Provide information about your vehicle and its condition. Cars will arrange a convenient time for pick-up.

If you are looking to make a payment to the school, you can access our payments page here. (Please notify the office before placing a payment.)